WP 5 - Test & Evaluation

The development process is based on an iterative approach. Therefore all specifications and functions shall be evaluated, refined and improved after each development process. The evaluation shall include the end user as often and as far as possible / practical.

Test & Evaluation Specification
This task will define the aspects to be validated in the SI-Screen system (services to be offered, overall design) and the methodologies to be used.

The test and evaluation activities are designed accompanying the development process of the SI-Screen system. In general the IBV will be in charge of the definition of the validation protocols. These protocols will define the details of the participation of the users. This WP also includes the design and development of the manual books and training programs.

End User Integration
The end user integration is essential for the whole Project. The end users are represented by different organizations (Fatec, TP 55) that will be integrated in the development process regularly. The end user integration will be realized in two different countries and cultures (Germany and Spain). This allows the identification of intercultural differences in social interaction behavior as a basis for a later internationalization as well as the detection of random effects in the evaluation process.

Tests of prototypes and applications
In this WP different prototypes will be tested in different Project stages. At the beginning, similar products, functional prototypes and design studies shall be evaluated. Throughout the whole Project duration, all three parts (hardware, software/services and social software integration layer) will be tested and analyzed.

Prototype testing in the living environment
This WP contains the prototype testing under real life conditions within the living environment of the end users. Therefore groups of end users in Germany and Spain will be integrated. Some test will be done under supervision, some will be done in an autonomous way. The test should consider different living environments like “still at home”, single household, couple household, assisted living and retirement home.

Product & Service evaluation
The results from the tests will be transferred to optimisation recommendations and adaptations of the specifications. At the same time the degree of implementation of the optimisation recommendations will be validated.

System optimization
After the various optimisation cycles all components will be synchronized and assembled in a final product-oriented overall system. Last optimisations will be proceeded and a final prototype will be built.