WP 4 - Product- and System development

The conceptual part of the WP is to develop suitable application scenarios. This will be done using an interaction design methodology, i.e. not to develop user interfaces separately, but, capturing the requirements of the users, to address the whole usage situation (why, where, who, how, ...) in one.

The application development will then be performed in an iterative way, i.e. prototypes will be built early based on the interaction design results (or even in the interaction design process itself) and will be refined in several additional iterations. Prototypes of all three parts will be provided early within the Project and will be developed further in an iterative process based on the results of the requirements analysis and the usability tests.

Conceptualisation & specification
Aim of this WP is the development of a concrete product concept and suitable user scenarios with corresponding prototypes and detailed specifications. The conceptual work will be based on the methodology of the Holistic Innovation. All results and prototypes will be evaluated with the help of usability studies.

Hardware / Device
This WP includes the actual creation of hardware prototypes. In early Project stages, standard components will be used to build functional prototypes. In later phases, more and more new components will be used.

Graphical User Interface
This WPs aim is to provide all general elements concerning the graphical user interface for all applications / functions provided. This includes a concrete interaction design and the according graphic design as well as their implementation in an interactive application. Therefore, all elements developed in WP 4.5 will be provided.

Social Software Integration Layer
This WPs aim is to make Social Web Services available to the SI-Screen. Therefore an application will be developed that allows receiving and transmitting information from and to the Social Web. This includes the identification of suitable Social Web Services and protocolls as well as the implementation and further development with the help of the hardware prototypes.

Application / Service Integration
During this WP, the different applications will be build and integrated based on the requirements and user scenarios developed in WP 4.1. In addition, all components of the graphical user interface and the social software integration layer with additional services will be integrated to provide complete applications.

Technical Interface Configuration
This task includes the establishment and maintenance of the internal links of communication and ensuring the progress towards the achievement of project objectives. Furthermore it includes the monitoring of technical project milestones and the timely submission of high-quality project deliverables.