WP 3 - End-user requirements

This WP starts with the analysis of the users needs and wishes and the user interaction with different input and output devices. The results will be transferred to a requirements profile with all necessary specifications. With an usability testing, the perfect user-friendliness and operability shall be realised.

The boundary conditions, innovation potentials and influential factors of the product and usage surrounding will be considered.

End User Requirements
The user needs and requirements will drive the functional definition as well as the design and posterior development of SI-Screen. Therefore it is very important to capture and understand their perspective. To achieve this a user-centred design approach is implemented through the whole project. In order to get a common understanding of user requirements and needs, an intensive communication and coordination dialogue between SKW, TIOMAN and IBV will be performed during the whole user requirements definition process.

Social Interaction Analysis
The SI-Screen will be a tool to simplify and enhance communication between senior citizens as well as the intergenerational exchange. Therefore it is relevant to know as much as possible about social interaction face to face as well as throughout modern telecommunication.

Usability Study
The aim of this task is to develop an intuitive and user-friendly usability concepts considering usage behaviour and user scenarios. These concepts will then be evaluated and refined in an iteractive process.

Technological Possibilities
The technical feasibility of all solutions developed will be analyzed, rated and prioritized.

Stakeholder Analysis
In this WP all future stakeholder and decision makers regarding the SI-Screen and its area of usage will be gathered and categorized. The fundamental stakeholder analysis and the derived package of measures shall maximize the probability of success and realise the best integration of all relevant reference groups.

Analysis of health and wellbeing related offers
The aim of this task is to identify relevant trends within the health care market and to develop appropriate strategies to integrate relevant services in the concept of the SI-Screen. Additionally, exceptional promising services shall be identified and implemented in different prototypes. From the analysis of all services relevant to the target group, success factors for acceptance, sustainability and suitability for the concept shall be evolved.

Innovation Management
A complementing innovation management will be set up and masterminded by SportKreativWerkstatt. According to the methodology of Holistic Innovation, a clear structure for the development process will be established. Through a fundamental preparation it will be nevertheless possible to react dynamically and to assure an attractive, effective, promising and accepted solution with highly innovative nature. It will also foster efforts to build up effective informal communication and cooperation structures and to organize team development and trust building activities.