WP 2 - Exploitation & Dissemination

The work starts with an analysis of the users wishes and needs as well as the status quo and future trends. The results will be transferred to a market analysis including the essential interpretation and suggestions for the product development to ensure a successful exploitation.

In addition, different distribution channels and partners along the value chain will be analysed. All results will be incorporated in a business plan and an according exploitation strategy.

Market analysis
Aim of this task is to define present and future business areas based on market requirements and customer wishes. Considering customer-oriented user scenarios, a successful exploitation strategy for each business area should be compiled.

Business Model & Value Chain
The SI-Screen will be an attractive product already convincing with its advanced communication possibilities. But the real advantages don’t become apparent before the additional services are used. Therefore the aim within this Project is to set up a sound business model and to integrate all possibilities into a complete value chain.

Business plan
In this WP appropriate exploitation scenarios for different markets will be described and the Critical Success Factors (CSF) will be identified. A promising market entry strategy, based on a decidedly business plan, will then be developed including items, milestones and feedback loops.

Dissemination, Marketing and PR
The successful dissemination of Project results will supported by activities such as project website, conferences, online and offline publications, patents and an adequate project marketing. The Coordinator will support the Project Parties with conceiving a later marketing and PR strategy.

Market introduction strategy
The aim is to define possible introduction strategies into target markets with potential partners, distribution channels and influencers. Special attention will be paid to the necessary supply chain management and the appropriate POS.

The key activities in this WP will be the analysis of how Project results can be protected and the initiation of appropriate measures (brands, utility models, patents). In addition, a contract will be set up to split rights, duties and costs concerning self-use or licensing towards third parties.

Project Website
A website for the project will be defined in order to disseminate the knowledge obtained throughout the project and to create market awareness.