WP 1 - Management

Project management will be the overall responsibility of the Coordinator and will be active for the whole project duration. The work to be done also includes the Consortium Agreement and IPR issues, conflict resolution and risk management, reporting structure and routines and meetings as well as project reviews considering the intervals decided by the AAL Joint Programme as well as the National Funding organisations. The SportKreativWerkstatt will organize the Kick-off meeting at the beginning of the project.

Project Management
This task primarily includes the adherence to time schedules, the appropriate work package realization, the coordination and organisation of meetings, the fluent and efficient communication as well as problem solving with qualified measures.

Quality Management
This tasks focus is the monitoring of the reports to be made available for the AAL Association according to the work plan. The monitoring of project deliverables will be based on the project work plan. The project performance will be continuously monitored against the yardsticks defined by the work plan, controlling timely delivery as well as quality.

Coordination Management
This task will be managed by the Coordinator. It includes coordination tasks like trouble shooting via the Contact Points in case of problems, the organisation of a troublefree cooperation of the different countries, the end user integration in Spain and Germany, the ensuring of a fluent communication between the project partners, the active conflict management and the implementation of an open feedback culture and the coordination of the reporting between the project partners and the AAL Association.