The objectives of the project are to simplify, improve and faciliate social interaction through user oriented communication support.

Additionally, relevant information shall be filtered and acess to local offers shall be improved.

Social interaction and an active lifestyle are key for health and well-being at an old age. The significant effects of named factors on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention are undisputed.

New lifestyles and globalization effects have an impact on the spatial distance between friends, acquaintances and family increases. The information explosion and the lack of usability in communication devices for senior citizens.

While the “Social Web” is expanding everywhere at high speed, elderlies are often excluded from it. Therefore, simplifying and stimulating social interaction with the help of new information and communication technologies and the inclusion into virtual social networks are of high priority in this project.

It is the key objective of this project to develop a new product which supports elderlies in having more social contacts by using the social web. An easy to use user interface motivates the elderly to be more active and have more face-to-face communication.