WP 4

The main goal of WP4 was to create a holistic elisa prototype comprising of suitable hard- and software components pursuing the vision of the SI-Screen project. Accordingly, we checked various technological possibilities and realized elisa as a portable tablet computer tailored to the needs of elderly people following an user-centered design process.


The elisa tablet computer is equipped with a multi-touch screen that is primarily operated by gestural interactions allowing elderly people to navigate easily and intuitively. Our end-user studies showed that current hardware is not suitable for our target group, the elderly people. Therefore we created our own hardware design. The elisa tablet has only one hardware button, a leather case and a stable stand. Color and material were determined in a user study.


Our target group is facing usability limitations when using current available software solutions. Accordingly, we replaced the standard graphical user interface (GUI) of an Android tablet computer with our customized elisa UI. The elisa UI is separated into three main areas, the Interests, Friends and Activities sections. The Interests section offers articles according to the user's preferred topics. The Friends section offers an address book and an activity stream with messages and status updates from friends and family members. In the Activities section the elderly elisa user can participate in and invite to suggested events in their local area.


The Social Software Integration Layer (SSIL) is a server-based social middleware enabling elderly people to access the benefits of the Social Web without confronting with them any technical details. The SSIL is based on the open-source solution CommunityMashup allowing on-the-fly aggregation of activity and content streams of existing Social Networking Services (SNS). The SSIL uses OAuth2 for single sign-on access to Facebook, Google Contacts, Flickr, personal blogs and RSS feeds.

Furthermore, the elderly elisa user can delegate administrative task to a designated person-of-trust. This person-of-trust can use the Profile Admin User Interface website to remotely manage tablet settings and the access to SNS.


The elisa prototype has been developed, tested, evaluated and refined in three iterations involving the users throughout design and development. The user requirements are based on the end-user studies and feedback of WP3 as well as the test results by WP5.