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The role of research in innovation systems has expanded from the production of knowledge to the solving of large-scale challenges, addressing social needs and value creation.

Market Analysis Summary

For the market analysis information was collected and analyzed from different sources. Articles from newspaper articles, magazines and the Internet, such as studies and research reports as potential target groups, were collected for the analysis. Further, the individual functions and features of analogous competitors are explained and examined, with possible finance models of these products considered.

Through these various sources a clear picture of the market in all its facets can be attained. The market analysis allows conclusions to be reached about the product and actively captures the product development, as well as potential value chains, and presents a conceivable business model whilst building a basis for relatable considerations. 

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Business Model Summary

To combine everything to a robust Business Model we are going for different main possibilities to achieve a successful market approach. The most simple of these models is the so-called retail model, which is well established these days and is being proved in several areas. The most advanced Business Model in the 2.0 World is the Wikinomics Business Model. In this model different part or modules of the solution are available in an open source world and could be combined and performed in a quite flexible way. On the other hand the revenue sharing in this model is based on the performance and the provided task.

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Business Plan Summary

For a healthy and enjoyable ageing, active lifestyle and a tightened social interaction are mandatory. ELISA is a tool, which helps to simplify and stimulate interaction and includes elderly people into virtual social networks. It gives information and easy access to relevant local activity offers and thereby fosters face-to-face meetings and communication.

This ELISA firm will be a development company before establishing licensing partners to expedite product distribution. At the beginning there will be offered one key product; the “ELISA tablet” as the holistic aid for elderly people. The second step is, to sell the ELISA application itself independently from the hardware via app-stores and Internet platforms for those who already have a smart phone or tablet. 

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