WP 1

Summary of WP1 

One reason why Si-Screen project is succeeding is because the holistic innovation management approach proposed by Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH that leads and guides all the tasks carried out in this promising project.

The figure below represents the rationale followed in the project. In the top centre of it, we show how the idea is created (fuzzy grey ball), and step by step we are able to transform this first idea into a successful product, that shapes our future and improves our quality of life. 

Summing up, the main steps carried out in this process are:

  • Identify successful project. Every good product is based on a good idea that needs to be developed and realized. In this case, the idea was gather from the needs of elderly people in terms of social interaction and inclusion.
  • Partners, resources, project platform. Next step to carry out a project consist of find both a proper working team and the sponsors and resources. Regarding the project team, we are 10 partners working in a multidisciplinary approach of 4 countries (Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria). Our team consists of several companies, research centre, end user organizations and universities. In other hand, this project is sponsored by the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program (AAL JP).
  • Target vision. The target vision propose by this project is: We create a new economically, socially and culturally sustainable social interaction tool which enables elderly people to easily get or stay in touch with family, existing and new people of interest. Further, it helps them to find accessible local activities, health and well-being offers and to participate therein.
  • Context system. Next step in the holistic innovation process consists of developing the context system, that means analyse the user need, preferences, problems… as well as study other boundary conditions such us technological advances and barriers. In the figure below you can se the socio-technological typology created for this project that was very helpful in order to meet end user needs.
  • Core functions: once we finished the context system we should clarify the core functions that the system should have. Those function will be the roadmap for the next step… the creative concept finding
  • Creative concept finding workshop. The multidisciplinary approach is one of the main ingredients in this task, all team members participated in this workshop giving their own points of view and having in mind the previews work done (target vision and core functions), in order to propose a concrete product that should be developed.
  • Development phase: next, the ICT developers of the project started their main activity in the project; this is making the final prototype real.
  • Introduce the product into the market: last step of the process consists of prepare the introduction to the market, this is looking for investors and start the G2M process.
Figure 1. Elderly typology