Our mission is to offer a product that quells elderly people`s fear of computers and connect them to social networks and let them benefit from the new digital world.

The big advantage of the ELISA concept is that it is possible to address all the unique attributes and functions without the need to invent technical components. This means that the ELISA application is developed to run on already existing platforms, which has already been proofed in several prototype phases.

So the development status until the end of the project will be pretty far. Last but not least we can use common tablet kits and we do not need any high-end or state-of-the-art one, since our target group has different needs than maximum performance or being as thin as possible.

WP 1

One reason why Si-Screen project is succeeding is because the holistic innovation management approach proposed by Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH that ...  – more 

WP 2

Results - Identify novel practices for fostering and accelerating the transfer, exploitation and commercialisation of knowledge with a view to developing international best practice ...  more

WP 3 

To know the user’s requirement is a key aspect to design any product or service appealing for the users. I the SI-Screen Elisa project a special effort has been made to ...  more

WP 4

The main goal of WP4 was to create a holistic elisa prototype comprising of suitable hard- and software components pursuing the vision of the SI-Screen project...  more

WP 5

The voice of the users was transformed into design criteria. These design criteria have been implemented into the different prototypes. IT was absolutely necessary to check if the ...  – more