Work Packages

The SI-Screen elisa project is subdivided into 5 work packages. You can find more detailled information here

WP 1 - Management

L'alta qualità amministrativa e gli elevati standard di comunicazione sono i caposaldi del successo di questo progetto. » more

WP 2 - Exploitation & Dissemination

A detailled market analysis and its utilization guarantee a successful commercialization. Marketing channels and -partners are analyzed and their results are applied to the marketing strategy. » more

WP 3 - End-user requirements

Knowledge about the needs and the behavior of the users guarantee the acceptance of the product » more

WP 4 - Product- and System development

Prototypes are provided in an early stage and further improved based on the results of the requirement analysis and the first user testings. » more

WP 5 - Test & Evaluation

The quality of the product and its chances of becoming a market success are maximized by running testings throughout the entire development period. » more