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VIOS Medien in the project

Many products, especially the technical ones, are not user friendly: Too many hardly comprehensible and understandable functions, impractical operating equipment – those and many other problems complicate the handling of the product while reducing the satisfaction end enjoyment with the product. That does not only apply to older people with restrictions, e.g. fine motor skills or sensors, but to all users. Due to their age-related limitations the elderly can serve as a good indicator for the user-friendliness of a product.

It is the main task of VIOS Medien, together with their partner in Spain, to ensure the integration of end users throughout the entire design- and development process.In doing wishes and needs of potential end users are taken into consideration from the very beginning of the development process of  the product.

It is not important how old you grow, but how you grow old.

For many years now VIOS Medien has been successful in consulting and publishing within the market for best agers: We create communication concepts and -platforms for the mature generation and provide advice for target group specific communication with best agers.

Our publications include the magazine Treffpunkt55plus made for the city of Munich. It provides the elderly with information concerning health, travel, housing, new media and voluntary services and includes a calendar of events offering many suggestions to remain mentally and physically active.

Sociability is one of the most important aspects in the life of our readers which is why it eventually led to the foundation of the Treffpunkt 55plus Club. At every club meeting people get together and actively take part in guided tours, hiking tours, lectures and various other offerings.