tioman & partners

tioman & partners in the project:
tioman & partners collaborates as a user intermediary organisation, bridging the gap between the R&D sector and the users  (elderly people, their relatives and care professionals), providing insight on the gerontological market and the needs of the targeted population.
Therefore tioman & partners will transversally contribute throughout the project to the WPs and tasks that are directly user related, i.e. end users integration, user analysis and requirements, user interface and interaction, business and service opportunities definition, integration of care, wellness and leisure offers into the value chain, validation site, pilots, trials and evaluation as well as dissemination and exploitation of the results.

tioman & partners in general:
tioman & partners is an SME registered and located in Barcelona with over 20 years of international experience. tioman & partners has strong relationships within the gerontological sector.
Our mission and the resulting service portfolio are clearly geared toward enhancing elderly people’s quality of life and improving health and social care in Europe by offering the sector innovative solutions in:

Quality Care Management by:

  • Promoting professional, quality, person-centered care focusing on Best Practice and Evidence-Based Care (EBC)
  • Promoting the design and development of care centres, homes, products and services focusing on Evidence-Based Design (EBD)
  • Promoting Care Knowledge Transfer by offering in-house training and organizing international congresses, conferences and care study tours.

Innovation by:

  • Carrying out international best practice studies and conduct applied research on care (Evidence-Based Nursing)
  • Developing, adapting and evaluating new products, services and applications.

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