Servicios de Teleasistencia

SERVICIOS DE TELEASISTENCIA (ST) has a lot of experience with the market launch of telecare services while being in close contact to the end user (elderlies).

The main task of ST in the SI-Screen elisa project is to define system requirements and to build bridges to the end user to find out how the system will work at the end.

SERVICIOS DE TELEASISTENCIA S.A. was founded in 1992 with the objective of promoting independent living.

The aim is to enable independent living of elderlies and handicapped people in the domestic environment as long as possible.

TEL’s main office is in Madrid and it has four local offices: Comunidad Valenciana, Aragón, Baleares and Cantabria. Each office is managed locally providing maximum proximity to the end users.

It is the main objective of this service to provide safety and prevent from social isolation.

Our qualified personnel support our clients in emergency situations and the 24/7-support.