FATEC (Federació d'Associacions de Gent Gran de Catalunya) is an N.G.O., a non profit entity, which was constituted in 1982 in Barcelona, recognized of Public Utility in November 1995 by the Spanish Government and honoured in 1999 with the Saint George Cross by the Catalan Government.

FATEC is organized in 9 regional delegations covering all the Catalonian territory, including more than 439 elder associations and 37 specialized entities integrated by elder people which represents a total population of about 350.000 elders. It is represented in consultative bodies of the Spanish and Catalonian Governments, in many cities and in regional councils. FATEC is member of the FIAPA (Federation Internationale des Associations de Personnes Âgées) and is as well a founding member of CEOMA (Spanish Confederation of Elderly People Associations). 

FATEC will participate through, and provide access to, its senior social network in the gathering and specification of the required data in the “User Requirements & Context Analysis” Work Package. Once the prototype has been developed, FATEC will collaborate again in the “Test & Evaluation” Work Package, in order to evaluate the SI-Screen elisa system and its usability.