brainware & Data United

brainware und Data United within the project

The main contribution of brainware and data united to the project is to ensure the successful marketing and distribution of the developed solution. In the past, many technological innovations have been developed, which have not made it further than the prototype status.

A key focal point for a successful market implementation is on the one hand the evaluation of wishes and needs of the end user and on the other hand taking into consideration market trends and potential marketing channels and sales partners at an early stage. Brainware and Data United provide an already established market approach and tested G2M-strategy for the entire project.

Goals of brainware and Data United

Brainware and Data United have been working in IT-projects for years mainly supporting projects in the areas of marketing and communication.

The SI-Screen elisa project provides the possibility to contribute competencies and experiences to achieve the project goals and at the same time to gain experiences in a „market“ wihich most likely will be one of  the most fast growing ones in the future.

To be part of a scientific approach at an early stage will deepen existing know-how and most likely provide new perspectives.