SI-Screen / elisa project meeting in Munich

Friday, 19. April 2013

From 9th to 10th May the final meeting of all partners of the EU research project Social Interaction Screen (SI-Screen) will take place in Munich, Germany. The main two topics of the meeting will be a review on the past three years of the project and an outlook into the exploitation of the project results.

The goal of the SI-Screen project was the realization of a digital assistant which fosters and eases the social interaction of elderly people. The project result is the elderly interaction & service assistant (elisa). Elisa is a custom tablet computer which enables to easily and intuitively keep in contact with family and friends. It also fosters the formation of new relationships. For the completion of the SI-Screen project, the national contact points (NCP) of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programs are invited for the final meeting. We plan to present them the final third prototype and the evaluation results of the field-tests in Germany and Spain.

The second day of the final meeting will be used to discuss the future exploitation of the project results. First of all we aim to publish our findings in a book. Secondly we have strategic investor talks, aiming at placing elisa on the market. More information about the SI-Screen project and the elisa tablet can be found in the  i-com journal Vol.11 No. 3 – Special Issue on Ambient Assisted Living.