So you got the idea – let's talk!

The approach is the foundation of an enterprise for the establishment of ELISA, an innovative user oriented social interaction tool that helps elderly people to easily get in touch with family, friends, neighbours and new people. In the near future more than one-third of the population in Europe is beyond the 65 years. Therefore the market potential for products specifically designed for elderly people is already huge and rapidly increasing.

Total estimated elderly over 60 years: 68,400,000 (22,8% of 300 Mio. in EU)

The main requirements for a healthy and enjoyable ageing are an active lifestyle and social interaction. Major barriers for easy social interaction of elderly people are for example the increasing distances between elderly people and their relatives and friends, the diversification of information and their difficulties in dealing with technical equipment.

Today companies develop so-called rich client applications (Apps) that handle the access to their existing services. The advantage of this approach is that missing software components and functionality is added over time. The drawback of this solution is that every App has its own non-consistent graphical layout and for most services the end user has to register and login separately to access overall functionality. 

The overall goal for ELISA is that only one user profile is needed to access all integrated social software services (single-sign-on). The other innovative part of ELISA is that it enables elderly persons to delegate the management of their user profile to a person of trust.

Bringing together influences of technical inventions and new social cultural developments, this project sees an enormous demand for devices and applications that are specifically designed for elderly people to allow them to participate in these emerging opportunities of communication and information. We anticipate a remarkable improvement of the quality of life of non-technically savvy, elderly people by creating access to this "new world" through our product.

Ideally ELISA is the new equipment standard for elderly people for social interaction and digital communication. 

There is currently no product like this on the market. It is crucial for our target group that the device not just provide the content from the internet and social networks - this is what current computers solution do - our target group needs a system that provides a simple and especially secure access to the functions and their own user profile. 

The ELISA project was founded in August 2010 as EU research project from the AAL. The Consortium contribution to the project is valued at $1.200k for covering the research, developing the strategy and 1st product line, developed in three iterating prototype phases.

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